Madden 16 Connected Franchise – Here’s My Team


Madden 16 comes out on Tuesday … or Monday, if you pre-ordered it like I did.

It’s one of the only times to look at the start of school and see a silver lining right away. It’s a new year, a new Madden and another chance for me to put effort into a Connected Franchise and document it.

I’ve chronicled multiple franchise and dynasty modes before. But the journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step, and that journey usually ended around step No. 242 each time. Effort will be put into this, and I want to make it fun. My goal is to take this CFM into five or six seasons and turn this team into a perennial contender.

I would normally pick a team that is an immediate rebuild. Not this time. This team isn’t a contender, per say, but they’re in a tough spot considering where they are in the NFL. There’s some decent star power on this roster and there’s a lot to like. But after Year 2, there’s going to be a lot of questions that need answered about which direction this team goes in the future.

And with that, here’s my team.

The Arizona Cardinals will be the team I control in Madden 16‘s Connected Franchise. Once the game is out, I’ll put some highlights together and do a more detailed analysis as to why I’m going to try and make the Cardinals the top bird in the NFC West, and the best team in the NFL.

Hope you guys enjoy it. It’s going to be fun.


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